Sanity School Programme – Support Neurodiverse Children

This programme is for both parents and teachers who support children with challenging behaviours including ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and Dyspraxia. The 6 lesson Behaviour Management Training Programme uses a coach approach to enable parents and teachers to learn about the difficulties that may be behind their child’s challenging behaviours, be that part of a diagnosis or not.

With our reality based training and coaching, parents become happier and more confident as their kids become more independent and successful. In 6 weeks you will be able to tap into the mind of your child, clarify the challenges and identify opportunities for growth and success. In mere weeks you will triumph over the limitations that threatened to sabotage the future of your child. Please note that this programme is delivered by the ONLY registered and qualified Sanity School Trainer.

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  • Parenting Complex Kids with a Coach Approach

    Set intentions to create lasting change for your family. Learn to take a “coach-approach” to parenting. Differentiate between prevention and management strategies. Understand the value of taking a long-term view. Shifting your parenting from desperation to inspiration.

  • Activating the Brain

    Effective solutions start with the brain. Understand Executive Function. Understand your child’s motivations. Engage the brain to optimize effectiveness. Consciously manage stress for everyone.

  • Parenting Positively

    Take a strength-based approach. Solutions are found in other successes. Make it okay to make mistakes. Understand key steps for trigger management. Creating a positive tone of the home.

  • Shifting Expectations

    Learn how to set realistic expectations. The value of taking a disability perspective. Playing to their strengths to work as a team. Teach your child to self-advocate. Clearly communicate expectations to foster independence.

  • Using Systems & Structures

    Learn how to make systems work for the whole family. Identify strategies for getting your child’s buy-in. Understand how to use the 5 motivators. Clarify how your role needs to change as a parent. Learn what to do when some strategies don’t work.

  • Completing the Action Model

    Evaluate your efforts and include kids in the process. Use the three magic questions to make improvements. Understand how your self-care helps your kids. Help kids learn to ask for and accept help. How to foster resilience, for yourself and your kids.