Adolescent Emotional Roller Coaster – Links to Mental Health

The Department of Education had released an extensive report in 2019 on Mental Health. They documented that the overall health of children has declined since 2009. It highlights that we need to equip children with the skills to support their well being as they move into the world. Also to educate and support adults in dealing with these important issues.

It is inevitable that a certain amount of adolescent turmoil is unavoidable and we need to accept that. Being a young person in today’s changing world can be difficult and there are many reasons the adolescent may feel overwhelmed. This workshop will help you develop a proactive response to the challenges ahead.

The World Health Organisation defines an adolescent as any person between ages 10 and 19. This workshop is designed for adults to understand how to support children in their adolescent years.

  • Explain the terms Mental Health and Resilience

    We look at the difference between Mental Health and Mental Illness. In depth discussions on how resilience increases the ability to function competently in the face of adversity or stress.

  • Changes in the Adolescent Brain

    We analyse the work of Paul Maclean a prominent neuroscientist. The Triune Brain Theory allows us to explore and understand the behaviours of adolescents. We also look at ways to increase brain development.

  • Negative Coping Strategies

    Children who have not learnt to process their emotional responses to difficult situations in healthy functional ways are more likely to develop difficult behaviour patterns and even future mental health issues. The extreme end of the spectrum would be to adopt negative coping strategies in order to cope with situations. We explore different scenarios to help us identify emotional triggers.

  • How Social Media Impacts Mental Health

    We look at ways to raise awareness with your children in regards to this issue. We explore different options that could be adopted to promote structure and routine.