About me – Ricky Gopal

So what do you want to be when you grow up? This question may appear a little cliche at first. Yet, often many of us are consumed with climbing the ladder of success and when we finally reach the top rung we may realise ‘this is not what I want’. In fact, I was not even aware what ladder to ascend on.

Close friends would tell me that a career in teaching would play to my strengths and I decided to pursue this initial encouragement. I completed a postgraduate in teaching and it is one decision I am extremely grateful for. It felt like my natural setting and I was able to learn a great deal which would assist my progression later on.

In a constantly changing environment, I was conscious that life skills are an essential part of a student’s development. I saw first-hand how our young students endure difficult moments early on and without the tools and strategies to deal with it, they are immobilised. Whilst facilitating workshops on life skills in schools and universities, I graduated with a diploma in coaching and attained certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Now we have built a qualified and successful team that specialise in key areas. Our collaboration has allowed us to provide an elite service for our learners.

We must learn a new way to think before we can master a new way to be.

New Patterns. New Pathways.