Self-Esteem – Helping Adolescents Thrive

This workshop explores how we can help our children have the confidence and self-esteem they deserve. You will gain insights into how we can empower children to realise their true potential where it matters most and at the same time simply feeling happier inside.

Research shows how confident children are more willing to learn and push themselves in exciting new directions. Equally they show more resilience when experiencing challenges. Our workshop has been designed to support you in making a difference to someone you love.

Behind every child who believes in themselves is  someone who believed in them first. Be that person and contact us today.

  • • Understand the similarities and differences in self-confidence and self-esteem
  • • Gain the competence to recognise low self-esteem in adolescents.
  • • Understand the different causes of low self-esteem

    We work through different scenarios to understand how our own behaviours and actions negatively effect the development of healthy self-esteem in adolescents. The scenarios give us the opportunity to think what message it sends to our children. We also discuss the impact of various emotional intense experiences that can effect healthy self-esteem.

  • • Learn strategies to build confidence and self-esteem

    Participants will learn 5 new strategies to support their efforts in building healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. Each scenario poses a key learning point that when applied will help to build self-esteem and covers three important questions.

  • • Understand and apply our approach to support a healthy body image

    We provide a realistic method in how to support children with an unhealthy body image. Our three step process will give you the skills to help adolescents feel okay about how they look and a fresh perspective of how their looks do not dominate their self-worth.