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"I met Ricky at a Children’s conference in Switzerland. As an education specialist, I know understanding the needs of any age group is key. His sessions were a genuine work on emotional intelligence. I am touched by his humility, honesty and knowledge. Thank you for spreading your light."
Ozlem Eskiocak
(United Nations) – Human Rights Education
"Able to combine a delicate balance of psychology, mindfulness and personal wisdom to create sessions that allow students to reflect and grow. Developing emotional intelligence is vital for all age groups so it is impressive that Ricky is able to adapt his material to suit different ages."
Gemma Perkins
(UK Director) – Loving Classroom
"I invited Ricky to speak on peace and reconciliation. He delivered both presentations in the most engaging way. It is a difficult task to please 11-19 year olds and teachers all at the same time. Yet Ricky succeeded in the most amazing way. A pure joy to hear."
Sacha Slavic
(Associate Minister) – Bablake Independent School
"I wholeheartedly recommend Ricky Gopal to work with and teach students from schools and universities. I have seen him in action and I must say that he comes across very professional. His workshops are suited for the modern age and he is very charming and inspiring, people will love him!"
Mohan Nandi
(Assistant Headteacher) – Ark Academy
"Sessions were not only thought provoking, they also shared the true value of resilience. Some words to describe Ricky were, engaging, reflective and funny. We look forward to enrolling onto further courses."
Kane Matthews
(Pastoral Leader) – Ernesford Grange Academy
"I remember vividly a session where Ricky talked about empowerment of the mind. I was so overwhelmed after that when I went to work I couldn’t really concentrate. I left early, I badly needed to reflect. I took my notebook, went to a quiet place and wrote my heart out. The session truly helped me pin point what I needed to work on."
Hajar Bichri
"Ricky has the ability to captivate interests of audiences from all walks of life. He establishes a rapport with individuals that brings about the empowerment of participants in his various dynamic workshops on personal development, success and interpersonal relationships. Having now attended several workshops, I have been inspired to make positive transformation in the trajectory of my life."
Kay Amutike
(Adult Nursing Student) – Coventry University
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One of the key components of Emotional Intelligence. We support students in recognising their emotions and having a strong sense of their own worth.

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